DES2012-TBSA-04 - MDR090376DES Exhaust System - Incident Notification

On 16 January, 2013

Technical Bulletin / Safety Alert

Unique ID No: DES2012-TBSA-04 Rev: 0

(This document supersedes all previous versions of the above TBSA)

Subject: MDR090376DES Exhaust System - Incident Notification

Date: 16th January 2013

Applicable to: VLI Diesel Pty Ltd Diesel Engine Systems covered under design 

registration no. MDR 090376 DES (Driftrunner & Brumby)
Note: Minimum PPE required to carry out any inspections contained in this TBSA 

shall be protective clothing & footwear, safety glasses, hearing protection & any 

site specific requirements. A JSA or equivalent should be carried out prior to 

performing these tasks.
VLI Diesel Division (VLIDD) advises the recent occurrence of an incident in relation 

to a VLI Driftrunner Vehicle Diesel Engine System covered under design registration no. MDR090376DES.

The incident occurred at a NSW Coal Mine, during a weekly service inspection, when the end user detected a leaking joint between the water based exhaust conditioner and the exhaust adaptor extension.

The exhaust conditioner and adapter extension were removed from service and returned to VLI for investigation.

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